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For Immediate Release                                                        18th May 2007


‘Out of the Shadows’ by Jessica de Battista ISBN 978-99909-D-499-4

“Out of the Shadows Author Jessica de Battista unveils a tragic family history” 

Jessica de Battista would like to announce the release of her book ‘Out of the Shadows’ which is now available for purchase on the AuthorHouse Web site: or

‘Out of the Shadows’, published by AuthorHouse, one of the largest publishers in the United States, is a Historical novel about Vanna, a beautiful young artist holidaying with a friend in Florence who has a mysterious encounter with a handsome young man from a bygone era. His heartfelt words raise doubts in her decision to marry a long time sweetheart and lead her to embark on a quest to discover what lay behind the supernatural phenomenon. She falls desperately in love with a man married to a woman with a closely guarded secret. A passionate affair seems to lead nowhere.

A series of uncanny occurrences changes the whole course of her life and leads her to delve into her family tree to discover an exciting but often tragic history.

The book rushes through various time frames projecting situations and life stories which are set in diverse cities in Italy, Sicily and Malta.

Jessica de Battista, to the Maltese art loving public is an artist who has been active for more than twenty-five years with a substantial output of works behind her. But hardly anybody knows about her other passion in life, which had moved in tandem with her love for the visual arts ever since she was an adolescent.  Jessica had never broadcast her passion for writing, so this book may come as a surprise. 

This book whose title is in itself enigmatic together with the image portrayed on the book cover, which incidentally was also designed by her, can give you an idea of what the content is about. It is a fast moving book, which reflects her personality; a bubbly personality, which can very well disguise the inner torments that plague her.

‘Out of the Shadows’ is a book, which though Jessica professes to be purely fiction, yet she confesses that snippets of stories about her family history, which her father had colourfully weaved during her childhood years as the family sat around the dining table, had allowed her to draw upon faint memories that had lain dormant in her mind. She fondly recalls her father who must have planted the seeds for story telling. His anecdotes, no doubt, had all been fruit of his imagination, but there could also have been an element of truth behind them.







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