Out of the Shadows
Author Jessica de Battista
unveils a tragic family history

The book starts with an apparition of a young man from a bygone era, who had died tragically at the hands of his wife’s would be rapist. He appears to Vanna, a young Maltese artist, who is holidaying with a friend in Florence.

The mysterious encounter takes place in the loggia of a Renaissance palace in Florence. The youth, wearing the period costume, does not create discomfiture in Vanna except for the fact that he is troubled by her imminent marriage to a long time sweetheart. He warns her not to get married unless her love is as overwhelming as theirs once was.

 The girl is intrigued, not only by his heartfelt plea, but also for the fact that he seems  familiar to her. She starts investigating the paranormal occurrence, and circumstances lead her to a mine of information, which goes back to the 15th century.

In the course of her investigation she falls madly in love with a man married to a woman with a closely guarded secret. She breaks off her engagement but knows well enough that her passionate affair with her new love cannot lead anywhere unless destiny intervenes.

The book interweaves two stories from different periods and they take place in diverse cities in Italy, Sicily and Malta. Some events are set in Malta during the time of the Knights and others have a background of present day Malta.

The book unveils a tragic family history through various poignant love affairs and paints a convincing picture of an artist’s life in Italy during the Renaissance period.

The six hundred-page novel rushes through various time frames and transports its readers back and forth in time and place.

‘Out of the Shadows’ by Jessica de Battista
Published by Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd
ISBN  978-9909-D-499-4

The book
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