About Perspex

I started thinking in terms of painted layers of Perspex shapes, in various thicknesses, assembled in such a way as to create wall sculptures. My first project was ‘And God so loved mankind’ where a lot of Christian symbolism was employed.It was an ambitious project, which required a great deal of initial preparation before putting the various parts together.

The work was very much admired when I exhibited it at St James Cavalier in the exhibition ‘In –Nativita 2000 sena wara’. This success encouraged me to produce other works in that medium.

I was eager to produce freestanding sculptures out of Perspex layers. The result was an instant success and incidentally won me the coveted First prize in Sculpture in the International Biennale of Malta 2003, with the work entitled ‘Ice Maidens’. This was soon followed by another sculpture where Perspex was combined with another Medium - Ceramic. The work ‘No to Abortion’ never fails to impress, not only by its original use of Perspex but also for its vivid message. Other works such as ‘Lillies?’ Redemption’, ‘Harmony’ and ‘Spirit of Self’ were all produced during this latest phase.

This medium attracted considerable interest both for their originality as well as for the meticulous way by which they were executed.