About Printed Fabric

The portrait exhibition furthered my artistic exposure. It was well commented on by local art critics, artists and exhibition viewers. But this was not enough I needed to do much more to be able to show my mettle. Working on denim became my new label, but it was still traditional application of paint on a two dimensional format. I needed to change my approach and I went into a period of experimentation. Although I had left the practise of working on denim, I still harboured ideas of working on fabric; patterned fabric. My first experiment resulted in the ‘Self Portrait on Printed Fabric’ where the flesh colour is no longer natural but striking colour was borrowed from the pattern itself thereby making the pattern and figure work together.


More on Printed Fabric - Hallucinating

Towards the end of the 90's working on printed fabric kept on encroaching into my mind but now I wanted something different from just creating the illusion of reality, I wanted to exploit the print. In the works entitled ‘Hallucinating’, ‘Shangri-La’, ‘Spirit of the Valley’ and ‘Will o’ the Wisp’, the print is suggestive of surreal settings for life-size nudes defying intrusion into their private realms of imagination.